Allow me to introduce myself,


My name’s Caleb; I'm a photographer and video producer based in beautiful Quebec, Canada. 

My passion is deeply anchored in the vast and thrilling world of adventure sports. With so many disciplines to choose from I often find myself overwhelmed! However, I have a particular love for rock climbing, a sport that will always hold a special place in my heart.

You’ll often find me shooting more than just sports however. I like to work on a wide variety of projects types. This helps keep my creativity fresh and my trouble shooting skills sharp. I’m always thirsty for knowledge and soak up every opportunity to perfect my craft.

Lately I've been working extensively as an automotive photographer for Le Guide de L'auto, contributing to the yearly print edition. This has also lead to multiple features on Jalopnik. I’ve also had the privilege of working with Ski Bromont to provide photos that display the many events and activities that this beautiful park has to offer. 


I seek the activities, locations, and friends that fill my heart with joy and strengthen my passion for adventure. The kind of experiences that resonate with you in a way that only the forces of nature can. The kind that one might spend a lifetime chasing.