Allow me to introduce myself,


My name is Caleb, and I'm a photographer and filmmaker based in Sherbrooke, Quebec. 

I love to capture visuals of just about anything! Lately I've been working a lot in automotive photography with Le Guide de L'auto as well as working with Ski Bromont to provide photos that display the many events and activities that this beautiful park has to offer. 

As far as my personal endeavours; well, let's see. I'm an avid climber inside and out! My passion for the mountains is only strengthened by my love for the sport of climbing rocks. I seek the activities, locations, and friends that fill my heart with joy and strengthen my passion for adventure. The kind of experiences that resonate with you in a way that only the forces of nature can. The kind that one might spend a lifetime chasing.    


It is my goal to create cinema quality visuals that effectively communicate a feeling, story, or message to my viewers. I am continually chasing knowledge about my craft. I'm most fascinated by the relationship between visuals and sound, and how powerful they can be when properly combined.