LE Guide de L'auto

The following is a selection from my work with Le Guide de L'auto. I provide photos of vehicles for online use and reviews. 


Ski Bromont

The following is a selection from my work and collaborations with Ski Bromont that help display the many, family friendly activities this beautiful park has to offer.


La Tribune

Provided La Tribune with photo coverage of Phoenix' home hockey games.


Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont - CNCB 

Provided CNCB with photos for online marketing. The goal of this shoot was to photograph "A Day in the Life" of a cyclist at Bromont, in order to artistically demonstrate what Bromont has to offer for mountain athletes and incite tourists to visit the mountain. 


Allez up

See the collection of photos taken of the yearly competition ‘December Fest’ located in one of the best climbing gyms in Montreal!